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Healthy lunchbox alternatives

By Dr. Antonella Grima Are you looking for a  healthy alternative to the classic ham sanwich? Try making a wholegrain salmon or chicken sandwich (you can save some from what you cook for dinner) with light mayo or greek yogurt. Add some cheese strips, rice crackers and a fruit, such as an apple for a tasty

School Lunchbox Idea

By Dr. Antonella Grima Another lunchbox idea for a 3-4 year old: Wholemeal bread with Emmental cheese and just a scrape of butter, some rice crackers, a few dried apricots and a banana. A bottle of water completes this tasty school lunch

Q&A: Healthy Lunchboxes for Children

Dr. Antonella Grima interviewed by Daniela Allen for A&H magazine What should we include and what should we avoid giving children in their lunch boxes? When preparing school lunches, one should try and include as many fresh ingredients as possible and keep away from pre-packed or ready-made lunches and snacks as these tend to have
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