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Benessri Il-Bieżla – Guardian of Wellbeing

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  • Benessri Il-Bieżla – Guardian of Wellbeing
  • Benessri Il-Bieżla – Guardian of Wellbeing


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    Part of the Tettiera Wellbeing Collection (Il-Kikkri tal-Benessri). The  infusion for all reasons; Il-Bieżla, (Guardian of your Wellbeing) works hard to defend your wellbeing. The strong, spicy, aromatic tulsi blends perfectly with the peppery punch of lemon balm. The velvety sweet rosehip tones down the other vibrant qualities of this infusion, making it a truly soothing cup of goodness. Incorporate this tea in your daily routine to boost your overall wellbeing.

    Hand packed in unbleached filter tea bags.


    Ingredients Tulsi Holy Basil, Rosehips, Lemon Balm
    Pack Format Tea Sacks by 15
    Origin Created, Blended and Packed in Malta by Tettiera with EU & non-EU ingredients.


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