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    • Diablo Chocolate Delights No Added Sugar
      Packed full of delicious low sugar treats. Each box contains 12 smooth and luxurious truffles in 3 different flavours. There is a deep and rich ‘Noir’ flavour which is made from 70% dark and filled with the finest hazelnut praline nougat.
    • Diablo Coated Milk Chocolate Buttons No Added Sugars 40g
      Our mesmerising milky chocolate now come in the form of crispy buttons.
    • Diablo Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts No Added Sugar 75g
      This is a super tasty milk chocolate bar with added hazelnuts mixed in!
    • Diablo Mix Chocolate Peanuts No Added Sugar 40g
      These crunchy Milk Chocolate Peanuts are an absolute classic. The contrasting texture and flavours of the nutty chocolate combination is mesmerising.
    • Diablo Peanut Milk Chocolate Treats No Added Sugar 40g
      Meet Diablo’s Peanut Milk Chocolate Treats – our more colourful relative of the milk chocolate peanuts.
    • Diablo White Chocolate No Added Sugar 75g
      There’s something about white chocolate that is impossible to resist.
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