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Tag: sweet orange

  • Puressentiel Essential Oils Cocooning For Diffusion 30ml
    5 essential oils with gourmet notes bringing to mind childhood memories of relaxing evenings spent around the fire.
  • Puressentiel Essential Oils Happy For Diffusion 30ml
    The Happy Blend of Essential oils for diffusion contains 6 “anti-dreariness” essential oils with delicately perfumed notes, at the same time cheerful, gentle, floral, sunny and sweet. An olfactory feel-good moment.
  • Puressentiel Essential Oils Trip in Sicily for Diffusion 30ml
    3 essential oils with delicately fruity notes that are gentle yet invigorating. The comforting and revitalising citrus aromas will transport you to the Sicilian summer with its warm sunshine and fragrant gardens.
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