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  • Alpro Barista Soya 1L
    Mild, mellow soya, the classic coffee go-to that goes with just about any bean, blend or roast. Froth it, foam it, chill it, pour it. Just enjoy it.
  • Alpro mini chocolate soya drink 250ml
    Chocolate flavour Alpro soya milk, the dairy free alternative to milk with added calcium and vitamins. Perfect size for taking with you on-the-go to enjoy at any time of the day.
  • Alpro mini red fruits soya milk 250ml
    Sweet, but not too sweet, they infuse our delicious soya drink with a refreshingly fruity flavour. As well as being lusciously tasty, it is a great source of plant protein, calcium and vitamins.
  • Alpro mini vanilla soya milk 250ml
    Rich, creamy and delicious Alpro Vanilla may be, but it gives you the same plant powered benefits as all our soya drinks; it’s 100% free of dairy and animal fats with a healthy helping of calcium and vitamins.
  • Natures Aid Women 50+ 30 capsules
    As women age, the nutritional and biological needs of their body can alter, which is why Natures Aid have created our Women 50+ Multivitamin. Our Women 50+ Multivitamin and Minerals contains additional Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3, as both are required to offer support for healthy bones.
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