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  • Bell’s Zinc & Castor Oil Cream 225g
    For relief of the symptoms of nappy rash and as a protective water resistant cream for dry, chapped skin. Topical. Applied directly to the skin. Recommended doses and dosage schedules.
  • Good Earth Flaxseed Oil 250ml
    People use flaxseed and flaxseed oil to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar and treat digestive conditions. Some people also take flaxseed to treat inflammatory diseases.
  • Good Earth Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil 250ml
    It is 100% natural, extra virgin, trans fat free, slowly cold pressed and loaded with essential nutrients, healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamins that help lower blood pressure, heart health and skin health.
  • Good Earth Organic Hempseed Oil 250ml
    Organic Hemp Seed Oil contains the highest proportion of essential fatty acids compared to other plants and has an optimum ratio of omega 3.
  • Phyto Garda Medical Line Aloe Vera Organic 125ml
    Delicate gel with a high content of leaf juice (97%) of 100% organic Aloe Vera. Suitable for sensitive skin, it gives relief, leaving the skin soft and velvety, guaranteeing hydration and freshness.
  • Phyto Garda Medical Line Arnigold 50ml
    Soothing formulation for the skin based on Arnica montana, Bromelina, Aescin and Rutin. Escin is a substance capable of promoting the tone of the dermis.
  • Phyto Garda Medical Line Emoven Fresh Gel 125ml
    Gel with a fresh texture that is quickly absorbed and easily applied to legs, ankles and arms. Its formulation based on extracts of Witch Hazel, Horse Chestnut, Centella asiatica, Rusco and Menthol gives quick relief to the legs, ankles and arms.
  • Phyto Garda Rimedi Naturali Crema Mani 50ml
    Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, for smooth and soft hands. The functional principles of vegetable origin including sweet almond oil give a soothing action on irritated skin. Hyaluronic acid helps prevent the signs of aging while Argan oil and shea butter strengthen the epidermal barrier by promoting hydration.
  • Puressentiel Bite & Sting Multi Soothing Cream 40ml
    The Anti Sting Multi Soothing Cream helps to calm irritations and sensations of itching caused by insect bites or plant stings. Its nourishing formula rich in plant oils, hydrates and helps to regenerate the skin, the menthol of natural origin has a refreshing and soothing effect. 99.8% natural origin formula.
  • Puressentiel Bite & Sting Multi Soothing Roll-On 5ml
    The Anti-Sting Soothing Roll-on soothes and calms irritated skin due to itching from insect bites and stings. Its formula is made of 100% natural active ingredients with a unique blend of 11 pure essential oils with soothing properties.
  • Puressentiel Bite & Sting Spray Repellent & Soothing 75ml
    The Bite & Sting spray works in two ways: repellent and soothing. This product offers one possible method of protection, in particular against Zika fever, malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya and Lyme disease. Also ideal for soothing bites immediately, thanks to its 5 essential oils.
  • Puressentiel Headache Roll-On
    The Headache Roll-On  offers an effective solution for headache relief by combining the refreshing effect of the rollerball and 9 pure essential oils with relaxing and calming properties. Practical to use on the go, it provides an instant refreshing effect without having an oily texture.
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