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    • bombus Raw Energy Banana & Coconut 50g
      This summer delicious will not only make you feel good, but also give your body a lot of vitamins and minerals.
    • bombus Raw Energy Cocoa & Cocoa Beans 50g
      This bar offers chocolately enjoyment and is recommended for a fight with tiredness and energy supply.
    • Bombus Raw Energy Date Paste 1kg
      Date paste is a healthy, natural sweetener with vitamins, minerals and fibre.
    • bombus Raw Energy Orange & Cocoa Beans 50g
      A full flavour of cocoa beans and cocoa is gently balanced by the light refreshing taste of citrus. The bar will make you feel full and improve your mood. Its smell will soothe your mind and bring you harmony.
    • bombus Raw Energy Salty Caramel & Peanuts 50g
      Trendy bar for lovers of salted caramel and favourite peanuts. An unconventional combination complemented by dried dates will surprise with intense taste and content of vitamins and minerals. It will lift your mood and give your body the maximum energy it needs.
    • Diablo Cookies & Cream No Added Sugar 128g
      Looking to cut sugar out of their diet but still have those naughty treats. They really are guilt free.
    • Diablo Milk Chocolate No Added Sugar 85g
      We’ve got all you chocoholics out there covered with our irresistibly creamy Milk Chocolate Bar.
    • Diablo Milk Chocolate with Almonds No Added Sugar 75g
      A perfectly balanced combination of silky milk chocolate paired with protein packed, chunky almonds.
    • Diablo Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts No Added Sugar 75g
      This is a super tasty milk chocolate bar with added hazelnuts mixed in!
    • Diablo Mix Chocolate Peanuts No Added Sugar 40g
      These crunchy Milk Chocolate Peanuts are an absolute classic. The contrasting texture and flavours of the nutty chocolate combination is mesmerising.
    • Diablo White Chocolate No Added Sugar 75g
      There’s something about white chocolate that is impossible to resist.
    • G & G Siberian Ginseng 400mg 120 capsules
      Siberian ginseng is often misidentified or contains “adulterants,” which are other ingredients that do not contribute to the benefit of the product, but take up space in the product. Silk vine is a common adulterant of Siberian ginseng. Our Siberian ginseng is 100%, with no additives or adulterants whatsoever.
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