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  • Grisbi Double Chocolate cookies Gluten Free 150g
    We’re talking double-chocolate shortbread with a tantalising lightness that crisps and crumbles with every bite. The big reveal is a velvety chocolate cream centre that melts in your mouth, while a hint of hazelnut adds a lovely taste of roasted nut.
  • Grisbi Lemon Cream Gluten Free 150g
    With the use of carefully selected ingredients, Grisbì shortcrust pastry retains its inimitable fragrance and soft and creamy filling.
  • Lazzaroni Cookies with ground hazelnuts 200g Gluten Free
    Good, genuine and enriched with chopped hazelnuts. An explosion of crunchiness and flavour, gluten-free
  • Lazzaroni cookies with Hazelnuts and cocoa 200g Gluten Free
    Delicious cocoa biscuits rich in chocolate chips for an explosion of flavour, gluten-free.
  • Lazzaroni Cookies with yogurt and honey 200g Gluten Free
    From the union of honey and yogurt, Lazzaroni produces delicious gluten-free shortbread biscuits .
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