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  • Galbusera Buoni Cosi Senza Zuccheri Aggiunti 4 Cereali
    Tasty shortbread biscuits with no added sugar and lots of cereals, whole wheat , spelt , rice and oats . With unrefined type “2” flour and rich in fibre.
  • Good Earth Barley Flakes 500g
    Barley flakes can be eaten on their own, cooked into porridge or added to muesli. They can also be used to make bread or to thicken soups, stews and casseroles.
  • Good Earth Bran Flakes
    Simply eat on their own with milk or sweeten up by adding your favourite dried fruits or a little honey. Use these flakes as the basis for making your own fruit and nut breakfast cereal.
  • Good Earth Oat Flakes 500g
    Also known as round oats, oat meal can be used in baking to make biscuits and can also be used as a coating for small fish before shallow frying
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