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Ointments and gels

  • Bell’s Zinc & Castor Oil Cream 225g
    For relief of the symptoms of nappy rash and as a protective water resistant cream for dry, chapped skin. Topical. Applied directly to the skin. Recommended doses and dosage schedules.
  • Phyto Garda Medical Line Aloe Vera Organic 125ml
    Delicate gel with a high content of leaf juice (97%) of 100% organic Aloe Vera. Suitable for sensitive skin, it gives relief, leaving the skin soft and velvety, guaranteeing hydration and freshness.
  • Phyto Garda Medical Line Arnigold 50ml
    Soothing formulation for the skin based on Arnica montana, Bromelina, Aescin and Rutin. Escin is a substance capable of promoting the tone of the dermis.
  • Phyto Garda Medical Line Bagno Doccia 380ml
    Gentle and emollient wash. Pleasantly intense and invigorating with Ginseng extract.
  • Phyto Garda Medical Line Calendulen 50ml
    Also known as pot marigold, it is high in anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants (flavonoids). It also has antiseptic properties and contributes effectively to heal small wounds and superficial lesions.
  • Phyto Garda Medical Line Emoven Fresh Gel 125ml
    Gel with a fresh texture that is quickly absorbed and easily applied to legs, ankles and arms. Its formulation based on extracts of Witch Hazel, Horse Chestnut, Centella asiatica, Rusco and Menthol gives quick relief to the legs, ankles and arms.
  • Phyto Garda Reumatonil 50ml
    Reumatonil for the action of its functional plant ingredients (Devil’s claw and Capsicum), associated with the synergistic action of Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate, Reumatonil cream-gel is useful in all cases where it is necessary to restore normal skin conditions.
  • Phyto Garda Rimedi Naturali Crema Mani 50ml
    Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, for smooth and soft hands. The functional principles of vegetable origin including sweet almond oil give a soothing action on irritated skin. Hyaluronic acid helps prevent the signs of aging while Argan oil and shea butter strengthen the epidermal barrier by promoting hydration.
  • Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Cryo Pure Roller 75ml
    The “cryo” method is a traditional technique for applying cold. The massage roller ball of the Muscles & Joints Cryo Pure Roller delivers a relaxing massage which, together with 14 relaxing essential oils, provides effective, instant and lasting relief for sensitive areas.
  • The Great Herbal Balm Zam-Buk 20g
    Zam-Buk ointment is great for skin dryness, chapped lips, cuts, insect bites, poison ivy rash, minor burns, scrapes, eczema and skin cracking in the wilderness.
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