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Article by  Dominika Zielińska HONEY True wholesome honey releases sugar in the blood more slowly. It may also contain small amounts of vitamins, minerals and propolis. MOLASSES Molasses provide a good substitute for sugar, which can be used, for example, for baking cookies. It is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and iron, calcium


Article by  Dominika Zielińska The food industry offers a lot of products for people who care about their figure. Low-fat or low-sugar versions of many products fill supermarket shelves. However, the value of such food as helpful in slimming is debatable and some products have a worse nutritional value than their “fattening” counterparts. NON-FAT PRODUCTS Store

Cooking Without Fat

Article by  Dominika Zielińska WAYS OF NO-FAT COOKING Dietary modification that is beneficial for health consists mainly in reducing the amount of fat. In addition to choosing low-fat products, we are able to reduce the consumption of fat used in cooking. This article shows how to prepare meals with reduced fat. Steam cooking is fast, fat-free

Psychological aspects of obesity

Article by  Karolina Jakiel Obesity is defined as a state of pathological increase in the amount of fat in the body, which is also an integral component of the body. It is the fastest-spreading disease of the 21st century. It is a global problem. Both the causes and the effects of obesity have a diverse character.

Yoga for Diabetes

Article by Ray Cacciattolo Diabetes can affect people at any age, leading to many complications like heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and even amputations. With the rising number of persons in Malta being diagnosed with diabetes, it is no wonder that the need for treating the disease is on the increase. One way to keep diabetes

Quick tip: Strategies for Weight Loss

By Dr. Antonella Grima The key to losing weight is reducing the portion sizes of all meals and snacks. Another trick is to replace energy-dense, or high calorie, foods, such as biscuits, chocolates, and crisps with foods that have a lower energy density, such as fruit and vegetables. Eating plenty of fibre also helps you
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