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    Article by  Dominika Zielińska HONEY True wholesome honey releases sugar in the blood more slowly. It may also contain small amounts of vitamins, minerals and propolis. MOLASSES Molasses provide a good substitute for sugar, which can be used, for example, for baking cookies. It is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and iron, calcium


    Article by  Dominika Zielińska The food industry offers a lot of products for people who care about their figure. Low-fat or low-sugar versions of many products fill supermarket shelves. However, the value of such food as helpful in slimming is debatable and some products have a worse nutritional value than their “fattening” counterparts. NON-FAT PRODUCTS Store

    Cooking Without Fat

    Article by  Dominika Zielińska WAYS OF NO-FAT COOKING Dietary modification that is beneficial for health consists mainly in reducing the amount of fat. In addition to choosing low-fat products, we are able to reduce the consumption of fat used in cooking. This article shows how to prepare meals with reduced fat. Steam cooking is fast, fat-free


    Article by  Dominika Zielińska SODIUM (NA) This metallic element is important for life. It is the main component of table salt, spread throughout the body in the fluid surrounding the cells. It plays a very important role in maintaining the osmotic pressure in the tissues, allowing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to and from the

    Bad Drain

    Article by  Dominika Zielińska When digestive processes run quickly and efficiently, the body assimilates the right amount of nutrients. If digestion occurs too slowly, the undigested food ferments in the intestines causing abdominal discomfort as well as inadequate absorption of nutrients. What are the causes of bad digestion? Inaccurate chewing – most often caused by eating

    Hydration vs Dehydration

    Article by  Dominika Zielińska When we think about nourishing ourselves, we often forget about proper hydration of the body… and after all, water is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Water should constitute 50 – 65% of body weight depending on many factors, including sex and age.  How much water should you drink?
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