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Quick tip: About Clean Eating

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    By Dr. Antonella Grima

    Clean eating revolves around the concept of eating food in its most natural, fresh and wholesome form. Fresh unprocessed food is highest in vitamins, minerals and natural materials, such as fibre. Processing and refining of food depletes it from these naturally-occurring beneficial substances, replacing them with harmful additives, such as, sugars, salt and stabilizing chemicals. Eating clean foods helps prevent obesity, diabetes and hypertension, as well as vitamin deficiencies. It might also help prevent cancer. In fact, the link between the consumption of large amounts of processed meats and the occurrence of bowel cancer has been well-documented. Clean foods might be more difficult to find than readily-available processed alternatives. However, growing your own vegetables, cooking your own food from scratch, and getting to know your local farmers and buying produce from them may be an enriching experience to be enjoyed by the whole family.

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